Softripe receives RAC Cooling Industry Award 2020

In December 2020, we had the opportunity to participate in a competition in the UK with our new ripening technology Softripe. The British Refrigeration & Air Conditioning magazine (RAC) presents the Cooling Industry Awards in various themes every year. The globally renowned award recognizes companies that have made a special contribution to environmentally friendly and innovative solutions in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Together with our partner, the refrigeration company JD Cooling, and our customer Worldwide Fruit, we were nominated in the category “Environmental collaboration of the year”!

Both the customer and the jurors of the RAC Cooling Industry Awards were and are enthusiastic about Softripe and thus we were able to win this award for us! Because our customer Worldwide Fruit now manages that with our Softripe chambers the losses and waste from their avocados have more than drastically decreased since commissioning.

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